Mar 26, 2020 by Renee Linnell
I woke up this morning and felt Mother Gaia singing. She is healing Herself right now. The almost complete stop in human activity is giving her a window to return to Well-Being. As I listened to Her sing, I could feel all the hearts of my human sisters and brothers singing, also. While many of us are still feeling fear and frustration on the surface, deep in our souls we Know a change has begun. 
Next, I was rewarded with a vision so Magnificent it brought tears to my eyes. I saw each one of us holding hands, all across the planet, in one gigantic chain, one huge circle, with our chests open and expanded, and our faces lifted to the sky, singing. I saw each heart ignite with Light and I saw Truth rising. 
The Truth that there is abundance here, that there is enough for all of us. Anyone can look at a tree bearing fruit and see this Truth. Not only is there enough fruit on one tree to feed a small community, but each piece of fruit contains the code to create a whole new tree. We see water fall from the sky; so much that it floods our roads. We have more air than each one of us could ever possibly breathe.
The Truth that the health of our rivers and seas and soil is so much more important than money and material possessions; that these precious resources were entrusted to us and it is up to us, the masses, to take care of them; regardless of what a few aging, going-to-die-out-soon, confused politicians my think or do. 
The Truth that each one of us is born with a unique genetic code, a unique energetic signature, unique Divine Gifts, and that it is time to create a world where we each of us gets to use our gifts in service of the whole, and be rewarded financially for them. Money is energy, as we give our energy to the world in joy, it only makes sense for energy in the form of money to come back to us; or that a barter economy would reappear. It only makes sense that each one of us would be provided with exactly what we need to walk the path we came to walk and to live out our unique destiny. 
The Truth that we are Beings of Love. That we are born to Love. And it is only false paradigms of fear and lack and shortage-consciousness that keep us in a state of confusion and unable to love ourselves and each other as freely as we are born to.
The Truth that well-being is our natural birthright. That our bodies are magnificent machines meant to heal themselves and that only when we are out of balance in our mind or in our life do they manifest symptoms of illness, and that if we would pay attention when they tell us to rest or they tell us to make better food or life choices or they tell us to exercise more or think better-feeling thoughts, we would not need to experience illness.
And the Truth that our thoughts create our reality. That our ultimate Freedom lies in the truth that we always have a choice, in every moment, to choose thoughts of fear or thoughts of love. And that while The Corona virus, through a lens of confusion, seems scary and terrible . . . through the lens of love and clarity we can see something else: Corona means crown. We are experiencing a Grand Awakening of our crown chakra. The chakra that connects us to Source, to our own Inner Guidance, to the Truths we all know deep in our bones, to the Truths we know in our hearts, to the Truths that are encoded into our Light Signature. 
So, while we are going through a cleansing process right now, while fear and frustration is rising to the surface, all is well. All is better than well. The way the water looks dirty when you raise the lid on a washing machine mid-cycle, but you trust when the cycle is over, the clothing will be clean . . . this is what I felt this morning when I woke up. We are about to enter the rinse cycle. Our eyes are opening. Our hands are clasped in each other’s, all around the world. One human family. Rising. One host planet, Mother Earth, singing. One soul family, here at this time together to usher in the Golden Age the Prophets have spoken of for thousands of years. I felt it today. I feel it now. And you can, too, if you get quiet enough to listen.