My Writing Process Etc.

Oct 22, 2018 by Renee Linnell
Renee Linnell author of The Burn Zone sat down with She Writes to talk about her style, publishing and what advice she'd give to aspiring authors.
Share your writing routine.
I don’t have a writing routine. I wait until I am inspired. I notice when something wants to be written through me, it begins making an entrance into my mind and I have thoughts like, “I should write about this.” These thoughts get louder until I actually sit down and write. Then it comes flooding out. I try not to judge and I just “vomit it on paper.” Sometimes I write the same thing over and over. Eventually I get inspired to edit it and it becomes a blog or part of a book.

Describe your writing style in three words.
Conversational, easy-to-read, authentic.

What is the first thing you can remember writing?
Writing in my journal as a kid. “Dear Diary…”

When did you start to feel like a writer?
When I got a publishing deal.

Was there something about the publishing experience that surprised you?
Yes, so much. The biggest being how much and how often I was forced to check in with myself and follow my heart; to not compromise my story or my voice just to be more desirable to a traditional publishing house. Once I finally refused to be who the publishing world wanted me to be, I found She Writes Press; a publisher that not only allowed, but encouraged me to be my authentic self.

What advice would you give to aspiring authors?
To trust what is inside of you that wants to come out. To write as if no one will ever read it. To “vomit it all” on a page and correct and edit much later.  And to truly trust your own voice and your own story; stay true to that and allow the right team to fall into place around it. If it feels fun and scary, you are headed in the right direction. When it feels sad and soul-sucking, you are compromising who you are and what you want to say.

What do you do to help develop your craft?
I hired a great team that I truly trust and admire, and I don’t listen to the writing advice of anyone outside of it. I have an amazing editor, social media marketer, publicist, and publishing team.

What methods are you using to market your book?
I hired a social media marketing consultant and a traditional publicist.

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