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Dec 29, 2018 by Renee Linnell
When we were children we were told constantly that we were too sensitive. “Stop crying,” they said. “Toughen up,” they told us. “You are such a cry-baby,” the other kids yelled. “Cry-baby, cry-baby, cry-baby . . .”
What if our sensitivity is our gift? What if it is what we came here to do? What if it is a huge part of our Divine Purpose?
And suddenly the words come to me:
We don’t have to fit in. We just need to find what brings us joy and do more of that.

So many of us feel as if we do not fit in on this planet. We look around us and we see people coming and going and having so much fun. We try to jump into the mix, but each time we do we usually end up feeling even lonelier. Even more different. So then we isolate. And we stay home. And we feel peace for a while, but there is a constant tugging in our minds, a constant voice that says, "You need to be out in the world. To get what you want, to meet the people you want to meet, to succeed or expand your life you have to be out in the world."
What if we didn’t have to be?
What if we truly honored what feels right to us?
What if we spent most of our time at home with our pets and in nature?
What if, like in the movie The Matrix, we just went into the world, got shit done, and then got out? Before it dragged us down? Before it sucked the life out of us? Before we soaked in all the negative thoughts?

Sometimes I think those of us that are uber sensitive were sent here as clean-up cotton balls. We are so sensitive and all we want is love and joy and kindness and peace, and anytime we feel the absence of that we start to close in and die. I wonder if our job is to stay home and expand, to feel all that love and joy and kindness and peace when we connect to God in stillness, and then to go out into the world and spread our vibration of light as we do the tough work of absorbing the denser vibrations. Because it feels like that’s what we do. The sadness is so sad. The despair is so deep. The hatred so cruel. The noise so loud. We can hardly take it. But, as above, so below. Or, in this case, as below so above. When we are centered we feel so much peace and joy and love and bliss. We feel God. We feel that pure white light coursing through our bodies; it comes out of our eyes and our chakras. What if there was nothing wrong with us? And what if we trusted that once we relax into a lifestyle that nurtures and supports and protects us, God would supply all we need to succeed? I think there would be a lot of happy uber-sensitive suddenly not-all-alone introverts. 

Image by Yaoyao Ma Van As
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