What People Are Saying

“Easily the best memoir I’ve ever read.” ~ Book Recon

“My main takeaway from this book and Linnell as a writer is how incredibly strong and brilliant she is.” ~ The Plucky Reader

“Memoir offers lost souls a viable path to self-respect and renewal.” ~ The Florida Weekly

“As she winds her way out of the insanity of two people who have kept her in thrall, Renee discovers she is stronger than she thinks. Beautifully done.” ~ Mrs. Mommy Booknerd

"Renee's comeback, reclamation and finally accepting herself for what she is provides for quite an engaging read. She has an easy, believable writing style that makes you think she is talking directly to you in a private conversation. THE BURN ZONE definitely spoke to me, and the self-help benefits should do wonders for anyone else who gives this book a try.” ~ Bookreporter
"Renee’s transparency is what made this memoir real. There was no sugar coating. She told it like it was.” ~ This Mom’s Delight

“This page turner of a memoir is part cautionary tale, part inspirational story that speaks volumes about what makes people human and their longing to belong. The language is down to earth and easy to understand without any complicated meditation terms to learn. She simply tells her story in the hopes of inspiring others to live their true self.  ‘The Burn Zone’ is recommended for readers who appreciate memoirs with spiritual and meditation themes.” ~ SA Examiner

"Linnell describing her depression felt like I was reading parts of my own life in the last few years. If you’ve ever wanted to know what is going on with a loved one while they suffer from depression I can’t recommend this book enough. It’s raw and powerful and it’s true. And the way out of depression is also true. It’s not a quick process and if you want to know more definitely read this book.” ~ Tea, Chocolate, and Books

"This book truly was something else. Reading about Renee's journey was heartbreaking, addicting, inspiring, and so much more.  I enjoyed this memoir and recommend it to those who seek spiritual Enlightenment." ~ Lauren’s Bookshelf

"Renee did such an amazing job with this book. If there is one memoir I think you need to read right away -- this is the one!! Not only is her story just amazing -- but her writing of her story is beyond excellent." ~ Writing Fun’s Michelle Dunton

"I cheered Renee on from the start. She finds purpose in her life right before the reader’s eyes, and what’s more relatable than that? I was captivated by the story and emotional at different points due to the author’s brutal honesty and vulnerability. Overall, I found The Burn Zone an impressive and memorable memoir, one that will stick with me." ~ The Tar Heel Reader

“The Burn Zone is a remarkable read that is sure to pull at your heartstrings. A story that will stay with you long after reading.” ~ Lovely Loveday book reviewer

“Heartbreaking as it is, this is a most important book.” ~ Phil Jason Reviews