Why Are The Healthy The Enemy?

Jan 23, 2022 by Renee Linnell
It is fascinating to me that healthy people are being demonized.* If you are healthy enough to not be afraid of getting sick, to trust your own immune system, and to not want to be injected with an experimental vaccine that is proving to be not only ineffective in preventing people from getting the virus and ineffective in stopping the spread of the virus; but to also have incredibly harmful side effects like myocarditis, blood clots, POTS Syndrome, tremors, paralysis, Bell's palsy, stroke, and death, you are a bad person. How is this even happening?

When I was in fifth grade, my biology teacher explained the flu vaccine to us. She said it is made each year with last year’s flu strand. And that by the time it is available to the public it does not help with the current influenza; but it does confuse the immune system enough to fight last year’s flu (that was just injected) and leave it less capacitated to fight this year’s flu—leaving the newly vaccinated in a more vulnerable position when exposed to this year’s flu. She advised us to not get the vaccine because of this and to develop natural immunity. Her explanation made perfect sense to me, especially when added to my own observations over time: everyone I knew who got the flu vaccine got the flu every year. Year after year. I didn't get the flu vaccine; I didn't get the flu. Maybe a coincidence; maybe not. But, it was my own life experience mixed with words that made sense to me. It was a decision that worked well for me. 

Now my own common sense tells me: don’t mess with my immune system by injecting vaccines or taking pharmaceuticals. I learned this the hard way: I was sick all the time as a child (because I was undernourished and lived on sugar and processed foods) and my mother kept me on pharmaceuticals. Only when I was in college and read Diet: A Complete Guide to Nutrition and Weight Control for Dancers did I begin to understand the role nutrition played in my health. Next I read Heal Your Body by Louise Hay and I began to understand the role suppressed and repressed emotions played in my health, and that my body needed to be exposed to germs, viruses, colds, and flus in order to develop immunity. I had to endure a few years of intense random illnesses without rushing to pharmaceuticals for help, as my body built back its natural immunity. But, it worked. I have not been sick enough to go to a doctor in more than twenty years (well, except for an ear infection I caused myself by talking my brother into injecting dirty pool water from our rental house in the Bahamas into my ear with a high powered squirt gun to flush the wax out, then asking him to dig in there with tweezers until it started bleeding. The ear doctor I saw when I got back to the US was not amused. Neither was my brother.) 

So, back to my original question: How is it that the healthy people are being demonized in all of this?

And my answer is: Brainwashing.
The people making tens of billions of dollars off this charade are heavily invested in demonizing those of us who do not need their products (Pharma), who will not ingest their products (Conventional Agriculture and Packaged Processed Foods/Soft Drinks,) and who are not afraid of illness.

Conventional Agriculture sprays our food and soil with poisonous chemicals, which gives us chronic disease; and Big Pharma makes billions off of treating that disease. It’s a win-win for Big Agriculture and Big Pharma. Then you add in huge companies like PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Lays, McDonalds, etc. making hundreds of millions off of selling us poison labeled as food and you see other key players in chronic illness. Next you add in the FDA getting 50% of its funding from the companies it is paid to regulate, and politicians getting massive campaign donations by these players to shape policy, and you follow the money to see who's benefitting . . .

They hate us for not buying into their narrative and have to make us wrong at all costs. I mean, if people are healthy and trust their own immune systems, the pharmaceutical companies go out of business. If people are not afraid of Covid, the whole narrative falls apart. And if those who fill their bodies with poisons learn that those of us who do not went through the last two years unafraid of getting this “deadly virus,” they may actually make lifestyle changes that eventually put these companies out of business. If these people discover that those of us who did not get vaccinated are now less likely to get sick when exposed to different and future variants of Covid, Big Pharma and Mass Media go down in flames. They have to prevent this epiphany at all costs.

But, fortunately for them, most people do not want to make lifestyle changes. They are comfortable ingesting poison and don’t want to give up junk food, booze, tobacco, other drugs, and toxic thought streams. They would much rather wait for Pharma to come save them. Which they did. But, now they are screwed. Because it’s becoming apparent no matter how many vaccines/boosters they get, they are still getting and spreading Covid. So they are pissed off. And yet they don’t want to change. So it has to be someone else’s fault besides their own. There has to be someone to blame, otherwise they have to change. So, let’s blame healthy people for making us sick!

It really is truly insane, but this is how projection works. We don’t want to own our shadow side so we project it onto others. Healthy people are making me sick! Healthy people are trying to kill me! Instead of, my own lifestyle choices and belief systems are making me sick.

You also see how powerless this makes them. Which makes them more afraid and angrier. So they are even better pawns to those creating the narrative. It really is a perfect cycle of fear, anger, control, manipulation, and brainwashing.
I give up. Completely. People who want to believe this vaccine is good for them are going to ignore any information that shows it is not. Even when they themselves get sick each time they get injected. Even when they themselves still get sick from Covid and still pass it along to friends. I honestly don’t see anything ever changing their minds. 

I sent a friend of mine this podcast in which Molecular Biologist Dr. Aditi Bhargava, who develops mRNA technology (the same technology used in the vaccines,) explains why this vaccine is not working to protect people from Covid or prevent the spread of Covid, and why natural immunity is a better choice; and in which two incredibly healthy athletes injured by the vaccine explain that there are over 8 million people suffering from adverse effects from the vaccine, including paralysis and death, and that their stories are being censored.

My friend responded: “I listened to the podcast and just because two people got injured does not mean you shouldn’t get vaccinated.”
I am grateful to him for his response. Because it made it all finally make sense to me: People who do not want to see or hear will not see or hear. They will “look” and they will “listen,” but it will bounce right off because of confirmation bias. It’s the same as when I ride through a parking lot with someone who is convinced he will not find a parking spot. He drives right by people getting into cars, cars about to reverse, and even empty spots. Not seeing any of them. Confirmation bias prevents us from seeing what is right in front of us. When we don’t expect to see it, we do not see it.
We also have self-fulfilling prophecy happening. Those who are terrified of getting sick are worrying so much they are keeping their body in fight-or-flight which wrecks havoc on the immune system, wearing face masks which forces them to breathe their own expelled toxins (further weakening the immune system and according to Fauci's leaked emails not effective in reducing transmission of a virus,) repeatedly using hand sanitizer which goes straight into their blood stream further weakening the immune system, and injecting themselves three times now with something that makes them sick and further weakens their immune system! 

So, for those of us who are demonized and ostracized right now, my message is this: we have to forgive them. We have to forgive them for being too entrenched in confirmation bias to see, and we have to stop wasting energy trying to make them see. We even have to stop waiting for “it all to be exposed.” Seriously. Because wanting to be free from being demonized sucks us into their drama. It shackles us, too. It binds us to this crazy narrative as much as those practicing self-asphyxiation with face masks for two years and injecting themselves repeatedly. Those afraid of getting sick are making themselves sick and it has nothing to do with us. When we try to defend ourselves we drop into their vibration; we start to get angry and we begin to make ourselves sick. 

Our only liberation comes in forgiveness and letting go. We know we are healthy. We know we are not spreading illness. We know we are safe. Safe to be around and safe from getting sick. And, really, that is all we need to know. Anyone who believes differently can stay away from us. And, let’s be honest: those who live in that much stress, fear, projection, illness, anger, and paranoia are really not that fun to be around anyway. 

*I am not saying everyone who believes in these vaccines is angry about or demonizing those of us who don't. I am also not saying that everyone who believes in these vaccines is making poor health choices. This blog is about the people I am describing (people who are posting things like, "To all the unvaccinated, your world is getting smaller and smaller, I hope you die.") I have been so fortunate to be surrounded by people who have radically different views on this, but who are not demonizing each other or trying to convince each other to make different choices. I love my community and my friends and family.