Time To Upgrade

Apr 20, 2020 by Renee Linnell
Not one of us is getting through this period of time without looking at where we need to upgrade. And completing the upgrade is the only place where we will find relief.

(The keys to finding where we need to do the work is where we get triggered, where we feel fear, and where we want to blame.)

I do not and have never had a fear of the virus, but I realized I have a fear of the fear. And I have a fear of wearing a face mask. It triggers the shit out of me. So, there is my work. Put on the damn face mask so others, who do not have the luxury of feeling as fearless as I do, feel safer. Simple.

And yet, for me it is not. It triggers everything in my being. It makes me not want to get up in the morning; it makes me not want to go outside. (I’ll spare you the rest of the details.) But, I realize my fear of the fear is as confused as fear of a virus.

All fear is confusion in the Grand Scheme of things: not seeing that we are here to experience life on earth for such a short time and the Universe is always looking out for us; everything that happens to us is in the Highest Good of our soul’s evolution.

So, I will make myself put on a face mask. And I will notice each time I want to blame “others” for “making” me do this. And I will know that I can liberate myself as soon as I am willing to drop the anger and the blame and choose joy as I walk a path that I wouldn’t have chosen for myself, but that the Universe seems to know I need.

And in just that change of view, I go from angry to liberated. (Not saying it will last, but saying I can at least see how to do it for myself. Which is a major yay!)

I don’t want to spend any more time in my life mad at others for being different than I am or for seeing the world differently than I do. None of us does, really. And this is what we are learning. We are tired of fighting each other. And not just the wars, but the tiny day to day bullshit.

And we have been handed the perfect opportunity to learn this skill! The skill of not needing outside circumstances to change in order for us to feel better; but instead finding relief based on how we think about those circumstances. The skill of no longer using our precious and powerful mind energy to push against others, to push against what we do not want, but to flow it towards what we do want instead.

There are so many different ways to view what is unfolding now, and each one of us believes our view is "right" and wants to convince others why our view is right and a different view is wrong. Science says one thing, Western Medicine says another, Mysticism says another, Shamanism says another, Epigenetics another, Law of Attraction another . . . Each person believing his/her view is more valid than another; and each person selectively sifting through news to find only the news that supports his/her view. You can see how this is a recipe for us fighting against each other until the day we die. "I'm right, no I'm right, but the news says, but science says, but the mystics have said for thousands of years . . . "

I know my view is a radical version (the virus is not really a threat; the fear of it is the threat.) Which could cause me to be radically uncomfortable and angry right now. And has. But today I discovered how to make it stop, how to take my power back. Which I wanted to share with you, in case it helps. Because we will always be powerless when we allow the actions of others to dictate how we feel inside our own mind.

So, I guess my point is: each one of us can liberate ourselves right now, in the middle of this and forever more, by choosing to put down the blame, by choosing to put down the fear. By realizing we are responsible for how we feel inside our own mind. By choosing love, and joy, and trust, and faith, and gratitude. By focusing on all we do want and not on what we don't. And, if we choose agony, fine, we have the right to. But, as soon as we understand we have chosen the agony ourselves, we are Free.