The Divine Perfection In What Is

Mar 16, 2020 by Renee Linnell
Hello Healthy, Well, Thriving Beautiful Being,
I was just on my knees on my hard wood floor (with my palms outstretched and my forehead touching the floor) sobbing in gratitude for what is happening right now. 
I just saw how incredibly taken care of we are. How incredibly protected
We just got put on a huge, planet-wide, Time Out by Source. We all just got sent on a mandatory two-week meditation/introspection/health and wellness retreat. I mean, seriously. How miraculous is that? 
I could see our Creator looking down at us and saying, “Ok. That’s it. Enough. They need a Time Out. They have forgotten who they are.” 
We are forced now to look at our lives. To see where we need to make changes. To be willing to make those changes and to Leap into the Grand Unknown. We are so out of balance right now. Humanity has gotten so off-track. We are here to create lives that bring us joy and to offer our Divine Gifts to the world. We are here to love each other and ourselves, and to take care of our planet and all sentient beings on it. 
So many of our current belief systems need to be updated to what we all know in our hearts is the Truth: Love and kindness, courage and faith, trust and compassion, patience, joy and laugher, forgiveness, abundance, and love. 
Love. Love. Love. 
Which has to start with self-love. Forgiving ourselves for past “mistakes,” healing ourselves, nurturing ourselves, making time each day to do something that makes our heart sing, taking care of our body, taking care of our mind. 
Right now we are being forced to look at how wonderful being alive and healthy is and how much we don’t want to lose that. We are being forced to realize how all the little things in our lives, like going to the bar to meet friends, or going to our favorite exercise classes, or even going to work matter so much to us and are such a privilege that we have been taking for granted. We are being forced to notice how being isolated isn’t that great and that we actually do miss our human family. That living in a world where we are afraid to hug each other sucks. 
So many of us rush from item to item on our to-do lists that we never make space for any Divine Wisdom to reach us. We don’t make space for what brings us joy. We don’t make space to cook ourselves healthy meals. We don’t make space to truly be present with loved ones. And many of us do this because we don’t want to look within. We are scared of what we will find there. Or we worry that if we are not busy and are not “productive,” then we are unworthy of love.
But, the only way to heal and blossom and grow is to get still and to look within and to be willing to face whatever we find. The only way to find the answers to our questions is to get still enough to hear the quiet guidance of our own Inner Being, to allow ourselves to be guided by the Divine.  
We have just been forced to make that space. We have just been forced to get still. All of us! At the same time! Right before the Spring Equinox and the Astrological New Year, which ushers in a tremendous rebirth. If that is not a miracle, I don’t know what is. That, to me, is simply knees and forehead on the floor amazing.