The Covidian Cult

Oct 25, 2020 by Renee Linnell
I just finished reading this article on The Covidian Cult which does an excellent job describing what I have been saying about so much of humanity being brainwashed; going through exactly what I went through when I was in the Buddhist cult. And I keep thinking, as I watch so many people walking around with muzzles on their faces, that I went through what I went through not only so that I could be liberated, but also so that I could understand what is happening now.

The scariest thing about being brainwashed is: you have no idea you are brainwashed. You just think that everyone not buying into the same paradigm is irresponsible, naive, or unevolved. And no matter how much evidence appears that shows your belief system is faulty, you ignore it. In fact, as more and more information appears to show you that your belief system is faulty, you cling more and more desperately to the orginal paradigm--demonizing anyone trying to wake you up--and as you do this you become less and less likely to let go.  

No one outside of the cult could have pulled me out. I had to wake up on my own.

People often ask me, “If someone I know is in a cult, what can I do to get them out?” And my answer is this, “You cannot get them out. All you can do is thrive. Be an example of someone happy, and at peace, and thriving. That way, when they look at you, they see someone not conflicted, someone grounded, someone living in joy instead of fear. They see images of you on social media out dancing or traveling and think, that looks like so much fun. They see images of you at restaurants or bars and think, that looks like so much fun. They may think, she's being naive and is going to get sick. But, when you keep doing what you are doing and never get sick, the truth begins to dawn. Eventually, it sinks in. The knowledge that this person seems happier than I am and is not following this bizarre doctrine begins to resonate on a deep level, planting a seed for future freedom.

When I was in the cult, following their crazy teachings, I knew all along that what I was doing felt wrong; I just was so committed I did not want to admit this to myself. The Covidian Cult members know wearing a dirty piece of cloth across their faces feels wrong. They know staying six feet from people feels wrong. They know being afraid of strangers breathing feels wrong. They can tell wearing facemasks to walk into a restaurant, but removing them to sit down makes no sense. Along with all the other nonsensical rules like social distancing to enter a plane, sitting side by side for four hours, and then social distancing to leave. One part of their brain does register the insanity, but a larger part ignores it, rearranging reality in order to make it all fit. It's a fascinating phenomenon and one I can only understand because I did it, too

For those of us that are awake and can see clearly that Covid is no more deadly than the seasonal flu, we must stop giving in to the psychotic protocols. I stopped wearing a mask in the airport and noticed not only has no one told me to put one on, but other people remove theirs when they see me walk by without one. I won't wear a mask in "mandatory mask zones" and so far no one has told me to put one on; in fact, people I know that are tasked to enforce the mask rule tell me they will not do it. I bought a mesh one to wear in a store and on planes (removing mine most of the time to slowly sip tea or eat a sandwhich while flying, again non-verbally encouraging other passengers to do the same.) I will wear a mask to enter a restaurant, but not to leave (what are they going to do, throw me out?) The more of us that are willing to honor our Truth, the faster those who are in The Covidian Cult will see clearly. We will be examples of people thriving, not afraid, happy, healthy, patiently waiting for them to open their eyes. 

The thing is this: people who are the most fear-based are the ones who are the most controlling in their lives. The fear and the need to control sets them up to have much more illness and disease than others. Which makes them even more fearful and wanting to control more. So, this Covid-will-kill-you thing triggers them on a very deep level: fear, illness, and lack of control. They are the ones with the most buy-in. And they are the ones in the most hell as Life shows them how little control they really have. But, this is the perfect crucible for liberation. And as more and more of us stop following the psychotic protocols and stop wearing face masks, these people are going to be deeper and deeper in this crucible, losing their minds each time a person's face is not covered. The only liberation for them is to finally let go, completely. Surrender. And to then survive. 

I was liberated on the other side of my brainwashing. I learned to let go more and more of my plan for my life and to surrender instead to whatever Life was handing me.To trust it, to love it, to revel in it. And as I surrendered I felt immense joy, and as I felt immense joy my life got better and better, I became happier and happier, my life got better and better, I became happier and happier. An upward spiral of light and of life.  

I truly believe this is what will happen to most of humanity. Once they awaken they will never again trust the media, or experts, or Big Pharma, or politicians, or corrupt organizations like WHO. They will be furious. They will be ashamed. They will realize they abandoned and demonized many people they loved because strangers told them to. They will realize they lost huge chunks of their lives they can never get back. They will realize they willingly gave away their power and their ability to earn an income. They will realize all that empowered them got stripped away, and they allowed it. And they will change. They will blossom. They will grow. They will realize being able to breathe easily and to smile brings happiness beyond compare. They will realize hugging loved ones is a luxury they once took for granted. They will no longer dread going to work or to the gym, but will be incredibly grateful, seeing them both as the privileges they are. 

All of this is good. I know in my bones it is. It’s just frustrating as all hell when they want those of us who are awake to be a part of their psychosis. Our work is to be patient and loving and understand they are simply asleep and need time to wake up. We cannot wake them up, no matter how much evidence we share. Only Grace can do that.