Rise Above The Fear, We Need You

Mar 13, 2020 by Renee Linnell
For those of us that do not buy into the “virus is going to kill us" story, we now have to not dip into the fear that this mass fear-based reaction is going to ruin our world. It is not. And the way we do the work we came here to do is we rise above it. We continue to go out into the world. We continue to support the local economy. We have to be examples of people who are not afraid. And we have to hold our thoughts and our vibration in a place of “everything is happening exactly as it is meant to.” We cannot push against those who are afraid. We have to loveingly allow them their fear and their overreactions (which is way worse than the virus itself, as we can see.)
We all have a choice in every moment to turn towards light and love and faith and community and trust. Or to turn towards fear and isolation and condemnation. It is up to us in every moment to turn towards the light. This is where we have control. This is where we are powerful. And this is how we change the world.
As I wrote in the final pages of The Burn Zone: When you are walking toward fear and hate and judgment and condemnation and isolation, you are walking in the wrong direction. When you walk towards faith and love and community and acceptance and kindness and compassion, you are on the right path.
Doesn’t it seem interesting to you that this virus came from China? The place our president is battling? Doesn’t it seem interesting to you that if a drug company came up with “a cure” right now, everyone would buy it and the fear would go away? Doesn’t this whole thing seem just a bit contrived?
I am here to tell you to relax. To let go of the mass consciousness of fear and worry and to breathe deeply. To not buy in. To rise above. From right now until Monday morning (longer if possible) try turning off your Internet and your television and your radio. Try taking a break from all media. Try organizing your house and doing your chores and making yourself some healthy food. Get out in nature. You will notice as you let go of the mass consciousness of the outside world, your vibration will rise. The fear and worry will go away. Peace will return to you. This is how you know the fear is not yours. It is SO important that we do this. This is the real work we came to do. We are all one. We are all connected. So at times like this, those of us who are Light Workers must hold the light. And all that means is that we pay attention to how we feel and we stay in a place of joy. That’s it. That’s enough. It’s the candle being lighted in a dark building. It may seem so small and insignificant, but it floods the building with light. If you can imagine all 7 billion of us interconnected as one mass consciousness, you can see how a candle lighted here and another lighted there and another lighted over there begins to soften the fear and to brighten the entire organism. 
And, if you have been worrying about trusting your voice or sharing it with the world, now is the time. We need  you. We need your words, we need your thoughts. Get them out there, even if they are unedited and “imperfect.” Get them out there. The masses need to be exposed to a different paradigm. We can no longer stay silent. It is time to turn the tide, time to help the masses remember they are Divine, time to help them remember that they can heal themselves, that they reincarnate over and over and that there is no death, that we all are born with Inner Guidance that leads us constantly and continuously to all we desire if we would just pay attention. Get the artwork out there, get the books written, get the blogs posted. Please. We need you and we need you now. And if your work is something "not artistic" do that and do more of that, with your heart and soul behind it. Your light will flood your work with Truth and each person that uses your services will be touched with this Truth-based paradigm.