Rise Above

May 14, 2020 by Renee Linnell
I got sucked into the fear yesterday and today. Not fear of getting sick, I have never worried about that. Fear of the reality that so many people really want to believe they will get sick and die. Fear of the reality that so many people refuse to look at the info that shows this virus is not a killer. And fear of the US becoming a third world country as the economy stalls, the Treasury prints more money, and our Constitutional Rights get taken away in the name of protecting us.
There is something going on here that I do not understand, something people are benefitting from by believing they will die and something that they enjoy about having their faces covered up and wearing gloves. Like maybe it’s a game of “dress up” for adults. I’m not sure. And maybe most of them have never been to Third World countries so they don’t understand what will happen when the US becomes one.

And, at the same time, I get quiet and ask for Guidance and Clarity and what I hear is this:

My Love, do not worry. All is well. In the Grand Scheme of things. All is well. This is necessary. It is what you all called for. It is the dismantling of the old and the forming of the new. I know it does not look that way right now, but be patient my love. A massive rallying call has been heard. And for those who are more awake, for those who are more aware, the uprising has already begun. The single best thing you can do is add your Light to the sum of Light. No more pushing against. No more concern. No more fear. Simply pull your attention completely away from anything that causes you fear.  Find humor in it. Find love in it. See it as a catalyst for massive change. And allow it to take as long as it takes. There are enough brilliant, kind, awake people, people of power and influence, who will step forward and spearhead positive change. And the shut down of the economy is already over. The new energy is already flooding in. The face masks are lifting. It just takes time for manifestational reality to catch up with vibrational reality. 

Close your eyes and see, see what is already being ushered in: 
The chaos has slowed.
The people have learned to love down time.
The people really appreciate nature and want to take care of it/Her.
People became healthier during quarantine and want to stay that way.
The pollution has lessened dramatically.
People have learned to make do with much less and value health and free time more than more money and more toys.
Not as much alcohol served, not as many drugs ingested, a much higher vibration among those who got bogged down in self-numbing behavior.
People have done the work, a lot of them. And they are happier, calmer, kinder; they radiate a much higher frequency. 
Restaurants serving healthier food.
People doing more of what they love.
Families finally able to really communicate with each other.
And most of all: people realizing they are happy with the simple things like access to natural lands and walking around without a face mask or gloves.

This is a huge turning point. A massive one. So please, My Love, please just be patient and rise above the fear. And when you find yourself wanting to push against what upsets you, stop. No more adding to the chaos or the noise. Rise above instead.