Peer Pressure

Jul 31, 2020 by Renee Linnell
We are born lovers. We love to love and be loved. We want to fit in and be accepted. It is biologically wired into us. In our wandering past, to not comply got us thrown out of the tribe, abandoned, and almost certainly lead to death. As children, to not please our parents often got us shut out, emotionally and even physically abandoned. This need to belong is a very strong impulse. So strong that we override our Inner Knowing in order to do it.
Even though we have this deep need to fit in, we must now be willing to stand out. With each restriction being placed on us, we owe it to ourselves to ask, “Does this feel right? Does this make sense?” If the answer is “no,” we owe it to ourselves to not comply.

Peer pressure is being asked to take one small step against our Intuition in order to fit in, to not be ostracized, to be a part of the tribe. It’s being asked to commit one small action that our heart tells us is not-right. One small step just to fit in. And then another small step. And then another. Until we have abandoned ourself, betrayed ourself to be a part of the group.

I look at my body getting softer every day because I cannot go to the gym or indoor yoga, both are closed in order to “keep me safe and healthy.” I think to myself, this does not make sense. Making rules so healthy people cannot exercise, in order to keep them healthy, simply does not make sense. 

I notice how I feel with my nose and mouth covered up, in order to keep me “safe and healthy.” I notice how my body resists and begs for fresh air, how I feel lightheaded and claustrophobic. And I think to myself, this does not make sense. Trying to protect people from an illness that impairs their ability to breathe, by impairing their ability to breathe . . . for months, simply does not make sense. 

I see natural spaces closed off with police tape so that people don’t have access to walk and jog and bike, because this will keep them “safe and healthy.” And I think to myself, this does not make sense. 

I watch babies and toddlers put everything into their mouths, an action that is biologically hardwired into them (into each one of us) to expose them/us to germs so that we build immunity, and I notice my Intuition telling me that limiting exposure to everyday germs by covering my face or drenching my hands in hand sanitizer makes no sense, that I want to be exposed to all germs, including a new virus, so that I develop immunity. (I have not been to a doctor for sickness in over 20 years.)

I notice how the hand sanitizer and cleaning agents smell, how they burn my lungs, and I listen to my Intuition warn me that my body does not want that crap on my skin, going into my bloodstream. 

I notice that so many of the new rules and restrictions, made to “keep me safe and healthy” do not make sense, contradict each other, and make me feel terrible: physically, emotionally, and psychologically. 

I notice that I’m not afraid of a virus, not afraid of getting sick, and not afraid of dying, but I am still making my life smaller and smaller, making myself more and more isolated, because all of the rules and regulations upset me so much I no longer want to interact with other humans. I can't help but remember how the cult isolated me from friends and family, convincing me that interacting with them would be "dangerous" to me. I can't help but see the paralells here. The thing about brainwashing is this: you don't believe you are brainwashed when you are; you simply demonize anyone who thinks differently than you do and ignore any evidence that proves your belief system is faulty. 

I notice that doctors speaking out against the mainstream narrative are being censored, again in an effort to "keep us safe." And I feel sickness in my stomach. Something feels very off, my Intuition tells me. 

This is what I notice when I get quiet and go within. It does not mean you have to notice the same things. All I ask is that you do make sure that with each freedom you give away you check in with yourself, “Does this feel good? Does this feel right? Does the child within me sing with this action, knowing I am following my own Inner Knowing?” Again, if the answer is “yes,” you are doing what is exactly right for you. If the answer is “I’m not sure . . .” just maybe seek out alternative viewpoints and see if you find one that uplifts you, makes you feel better, and resonates closer to a “yes.” 

We are here in these miraculous self-healing bodies for such a short time. We are meant to experience all of it and we are always protected. Do we want to, in our effort to not die, make our lives so small that we no longer enjoy being alive? Again, does that make sense? I'm afraid to die so I'm going to stop living. If it does, yay, you are doing what is right for you. If it does not, then maybe it is time to make a change.