You Are Safe

Mar 12, 2020 by Renee Linnell
At the risk of making everyone mad at me*, I have something to say about the Coronavirus. Can we all please take ownership of our own minds? And our own bodies? I traveled up and down the East and West coasts giving interview after interview about The Burn Zone to people who said to me, over and over, “I could never be brainwashed, how does this happen?” My loves, if you are terrified of getting some virus that the news tells you is going to kill you, you are brainwashed. If you watch the news every day and buy into the fear they are selling, you are allowing yourselves to be brainwashed.
Our bodies heal themselves. We see them heal themselves. We watch our cuts heal, we watch our hair grow, we watch our skin replace itself, we watch our nails grow. We witness human bodies start as a clump of cells and grow into a fetus and then a baby and then a toddler and into a full grown adult. We witness them breathe for us and digest for us and beat our hearts for us and pump our blood. How on earth did we start believing they cannot heal themselves? Who taught us this? It makes no sense to me. There are countless stories out there about spontaneous healing of “chronic,” “degenerative,” and “genetic” diseases. There are countless books documenting case after case of not only spontaneous healing, but also people dying once they are told they will die. Countless stories about how powerful our minds our and how our thoughts create our realities. Every single revered saint, holy person, or mystic has told us this, and yet we still fight it and refuse to believe it. Why?
Why do we allow the news and the politicians and the drug companies to sell us fear? What do we gain from that? When we do not continuously examine our belief systems, we are allowing ourselves to be brainwashed. Yes, it’s easier to not think for yourself. Yes, it’s less scary to go with the crowd rather than be the one person that thinks differently. And yes, it can be lonely and it can bring up childhood trauma of being the “weird kid” or abandonment issues and fears of being outcast. But, my loves, it is time. It is time we begin to curate what goes into our minds, the way we curate what goes into our bodies.

We do not need to wear masks and isolate. We do not need to obsessively wash our hands. We do not need to fear some invisible boogieman out there waiting to kill us. What we need to do is be healthy. Drink a lot of water. Choose better foods. Sleep long enough. Exercise and stretch. Treat our bodies well. Stop putting poison in them. Live lives that bring us joy. Laugh a lot. Love a lot. When we treat our bodies well, they heal themselves and they heal quickly. When we treat our minds well, our bodies thrive. If you don’t believe me, pick up Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book “You Are the Placebo.” Or Louise Hay’s book “Heal Your Body” or Anita Moorjani’s book “Dying to Be Me” or Carolyn Myss’s book “Anatomy of the Spirit.”
What do you gain from believing the news? I learned when I was 22-years-old not to believe the news. I was living in Fiji at the time and there was a coup and the government was overthrown. My mother called the island I was on, panicked. She said the news was showing killing and bloody bodies in the street. She wanted me to come home. I had been in downtown Nadi that day, shopping for the island boutique, and there was nothing but quiet and peace. The images the news was showing in the US were not even images of Fijians. And the coup happened relatively peacefully, with the overthrowing group walking into the government offices, giving the current government time to collect their things and get out . . . I mean, who has ever heard of such a peaceful coup? But, it is the Fijian way.
Can we please turn off the TVs? Can we please turn to the things that bring us joy? Can we please stop fearing each other and embrace each other instead? The cult fucked me up so badly because they isolated me and they taught me to fear others. Once I was isolated I became more and more susceptible to their messaging, because I had no other experiences outside of the group to open my mind and cause me to question what I was being taught.
Mass fear mongering like this Coronavirus causes us to retreat. It causes us to stop traveling. It causes us to curtail our interacting with others. And when we do, not only do we cripple our own economy, but it also makes even more vulnerable to dangerous messaging. We must get out into the world. We must meet other people with different opinions from different cultures. We must have life experiences that show us what we are hearing from the media is not true. It’s so easy to hate and fear and not care about people we have never met; it’s easy to say things like, “ . . . it’s ok to put their children in a cage at the boarder because they crossed a boarder illegally.”  But, once you get out into the world and meet people from other countries, it becomes much harder to imagine putting their children in a cage at the boarder. The son of the person with dark black skin who fed you a meal when you were traveling in Africa, the person with a heavy accent and a different religion who invited you into her place of worship to explain her religion and then share some tea, the gay white woman/man who saw that you were lost and helped you find your way . . . whatever prejudices you have against others, whatever excuse you make to justify treating them in a way you would not want to be treated yourself, disappears once you have heart to heart interaction with them.

We want to love, we are born to love, and we simply cannot help but be loving once we are close to someone. And fearful news like this Coronavirus creates barriers to this loving, creates isolation, and allows the powers that be much more access to our minds. That is what you should be afraid of. Not some mysterious illness you cannot see.
We bitch and complain and moan about the politicians and the mega wealthy controlling us and our world and our lives. This is how they do it, by making us buy into the fear they are selling. If we don’t buy into it, they have no control. We are the masses; we hold the power. Without us they are nothing but a few old white men that are going to die off soon. Turn off your televisions and go out into the world and live, and love. 

This year, this 2020, it is time for us to change. It is time for us to stop allowing the media and the politicians, and the huge drug companies to control our minds. It is up to us to rise above the messaging we get from the media that we are ugly or not good enough, that we won’t be loved, unless we buy their product. It is up to us to rise above the messaging that unless we elect a certain leader we will not be protected and safe. It is up to us to turn within and know our Innate Inner Worth regardless of the size and shape of our body, or our skin color, or our accent, or the gender of whom we love, or our income level. We are Light Beings in human bodies here to enjoy the human experience and reincarnate and do it again and again and again. We do not need to be fearful. We must take our minds back. And we can start by realizing this virus is nothing but a common cold with close to 7 billion people focusing fear behind it.
It takes energy to constantly look at our thoughts. It takes energy to notice each time we gravitate towards fear based, lack based, or negative thinking. And it takes energy to stop the momentum and chose to find a thought that feels better, and then another thought that feels better, and then another thought that feels better. It takes energy to take responsibility for the crap that’s in our minds. Just like it takes energy to find and choose more nutritious food, to exercise, to dress well, to create lives where we can rest enough and have fun. But, where else would you rather spend that energy? On social media? Watching TV? Worrying. I’m just gently suggesting to you that there is another way.

*If this blog made you angry, ask yourself why. Why would you be upset by someone suggesting you don’t have to be afraid, and you don’t have to get sick, and you don’t have to die? Take some time to explore where the anger is coming from, why you want to argue for your limitations, where the need to hold onto fear-based beliefs is coming from. Where the need to deify doctors or news reporters or politicians is coming from. Why the desire to hand your power over to them? The same way I handed all of my power to my spiritual teachers. It is so important we examine the thoughts in our heads, that we examine our belief systems. Trust me, as an unintentional expert on mind control, now I know.