Look For The Opportunities

Mar 14, 2020 by Renee Linnell
Hello My Loves,
I am feeling a very strong urge to keep writing to you, so I am following it. There is so much Light right now. As above, so below. Or, in this case: as below, so above. We live in a world of dichotomy so as dark as it gets, there is always that much Light to be accessed. It is a jump and it takes effort to find it, but once you tap into it you will feel it and you will soar.
Right now, as we are being warned to stay home and as most of our favorite places are shutting down, there are openings for us. Look for them. Like a treasure hunt. Go to a different yoga studio than your usual, if your usual is closed down and one is still open. Look for the new friends you will meet there, the new poses you will learn. Go to a different grocery store if your usual one is closed down. Again, you will be available to new opportunities, new people. Notice new trees and flowers as you drive different routes. Move your exercise routine outside if your gym is closed. Right now is a beautiful time to switch up your habitual routines. If you live near an ocean or a lake or a hiking trail or a ski mountain, get outside. Look at the trees and the animals. Notice that they are not afraid, nothing has changed for them. 

If you choose to remain inside, please turn off the televisions and all media. Decide to no longer invite this fear into your home. 
I was severely brainwashed for seven years. I understand how the process works and I see it happening now. 
1. They get you to buy in: There is a virus out there that will kill you.
2. They get you to trust them as the only source of knowledge/wisdom/truth: Keep watching the news for updates on how to protect yourself.
3. They remove your support structure: Closing down all the activities that bring you power and joy.
4. They isolate you: Stay inside, don’t be with others.
5. They have control now: Groupthink sets in. Everyone believes the same thing (this virus is out there and will kill us unless we stay inside).
6. And then we hand them all our power: You know what’s best for me, you will keep me safe, I will do whatever you say. (And we willingly permit police state shut down.)
The only way I survived the cult, the only way I freed myself, is by having distance from them and their teachings. The distance is what saved my life. It is what allowed me to finally think for myself and realize the messages I was being fed were not healthy and not true, that I was buying into thought streams that caused me pain.
Please turn off your televisions. Please stop listening to the news. Please go do the things you love that bring you joy. Please look for the Light. You will find it. When your heart starts to smile, when you notice that the trees and the animals are not afraid, when you feel your spirit lifting and your mind suddenly turning to something pleasurable, you will know you have found it. When you feel small flashes of it’s all going to be okay you will know you have touched this Light and you can now ride it. 
And, if you do feel safer staying inside, play music you love. Dance around the house. Make a vow to not look at the news or Internet for a few days. Watch movies that make you laugh. Or download Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and vow to give away every single thing in your home that does not spark joy in your heart. Or download Elina Fuhrman’s Soupelina's Soup Cleanse: Plant-Based Soups and Broths to Heal Your Body, Calm Your Mind, and Transform Your Life. The blended soups are so easy to make, nutritious, and delicious.
Also, other quick ways to add bright healing foods to your diet is make smoothies. Two of my favorites are:
2 carrots peeled 
1 tangerine or clementine or small orange peeled
1 peeled piece of ginger the size of a large man’s knuckle
some water and a few ice cubes

2 stalks of celery
half an apple
a few ice cubes and some water

The bright colors are so uplifting and the nutrients make your body feel so happy. One last thing I love doing is filling a glass pitcher with purified water and putting in mint and lemon or cucumber and orange slices. I swear the water gets so happy and proud hosting such bright colors and loves the extra prana added to it. 
Now is a time to turn to the little things that bring us joy. To do the things we love. To choose faith and light over fear and dark. If you have children home from school reach out to other parents and take turns babysitting so you get big blocks of time to do what uplifts and empowers you. If we all did that, if we all unplugged from the media and turned to what brought us joy, this virus would disappear overnight. We create more of whatever we give our attention to. Our minds really are that powerful. Plus, this extra rest, extra time to do what we love, extra time to cook nutritious foods will make our bodies so strong that we really are not susceptible to illness. But, you must curate what goes into your mind the way you curate what goes into your body. 
Let’s stop allowing this poison, this fear, into our minds. Let’s choose to create more joy and more light. And when this virus scare is over, which it will be soon (this amount of mass-freak out is not sustainable) we all will have created space in our lives for more nutritious foods, for more water, for more sleep, and for doing more often the things that make our heart sing. Thank you, mysterious illness, for creating this for us.