How To Stay Sane When The World Is Losing Its Mind

Nov 04, 2020 by Renee Linnell
Albert Einstein once said, "The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe." Why? Because our answer to this determines our life.

People who believe Covid is the deadliest pandemic we have ever lived through also believe the only hope for survival is a vaccine. So they are willing to do whatever the “experts” and WHO say, for however long it takes, for them to “be saved.” And they simply cannot understand why anyone would not do as they are doing. 

These people have created realities around fear-based paradigms; they are the ones who believe illness and disease randomly “attack” people and the only hope of safety is conventional medicine: pharmaceuticals and vaccines. They don’t recognize illness as the soul's warning system that something in their life needs to be addressed and they don't acknowledge the natural healing abilities of their body; instead they hand that power over to doctors. No wonder they are so afraid. This type of living is incredibly disempowering; these people are victims at the mercy of a hostile universe.
For those of us that see clearly that Covid is no more deadly than the seasonal flu (anyone with a calculator could have known this after the cruise ship situation in March,) we also know that everyone needs to be exposed to a flu/virus in order for it to go away. That there is no way to avoid this; the faster it happens, the faster we all move on. And, that we actually want to be exposed so that we develop immunity for future strands. We also clearly see that Covid is just another SARS/MERS virus, and that these viruses do come around every few years. And we know that if we take care of our bodies, do not fill them with toxic foods and toxic thoughts, our bodies can handle whatever flus or viruses pass our way. We are empowered. Our health is our responsibility. We trust the healing ability of our body and we are not afraid, we are not even concerned. We are simply annoyed by all the fear.

So, two different belief systems. Two different realities.
I am re-reading Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss, and she brings up epidemics/pandemics. She describes how “[Pandemics] are negative group experiences to which we can become energetically susceptible if our own personal first chakra [tribal] fears and attitudes are similar to those held by the culture’s overall ‘first chakra.’ Viral and other [pandemics] are very much a reflection of both the current social issues of the cultural tribe and the health of the social tribe’s ‘immune system.’”

Humans as a whole feel disempowered, because the vast majority of us have been indocrinated into fear-based, scarcity-based, lack-based false belief systems. And our planet, the place our root/first chakra plugs into for power, is becoming increasinly more and more toxic as we overload it with pesticides, chemicals, pollution, and plastics. 
After reading Caroline's words on pandemics I began thinking, What would she say about the Coronavirus?

And then I remembered: “Corona” means “Crown”. This is a virus of the crown chakra. The chakra that connects us to Source, our own Inner Guidance, and our own Divine Wisdom. It is affecting the people who have a weak connection. It is affecting the people who do not listen to their own Inner Guidance; those who prefer to hand their agency to others; those who ignore the Internal Knowing that all is well, always has been, always will be; those who are control freaks and think they have to control everything in order to be safe; those who are all alone in this world—who do not believe in the Source who created us, and the Source that animates us and heals us (as long as we are not blocking our connection to this Energy with negativity, resistance, and doubt.)

Instead these people hand their agency over to “experts,” politicians, Big Pharma, and other corrupt organizations like WHO. So, these are the people suffocating themselves in facemasks for nine months, hiding inside, avoiding loved ones, waiting to inject themselves with the exact virus they fear. For those of us on the other side of the spectrum looking in, it is an incredibly bizarre, very disempowering, and seemingly exhausting way to approach life. To us it looks like insanity.

I have to believe the self-muzzling is serving a purpose. I believe the people wearing them for so long, wearing them outside and in their cars, are undergoing an existential crisis. They are self-muzzling because it is their soul’s way of saying, “Stop. Stop talking so much, stop projecting outward, stop missing life with your crazy need to control and your never-ending to-do list. Stop, get quiet, and go within.” Rumi said, “If you knew the Universe was talking, would you be quiet enough to listen?” 

I like to believe the facemask-people will eventually wake up; that they will realize they have been given nine months to get healthier than they have ever been and instead they are still poisoning themselves with toxic food, toxic drink, toxic news, and toxic lifestyle choices; that they are sitting around with a dirty (I watch people in restaurants drop them on the floor and then eventually put them back on their face) scrap of fabric across their face waiting to be saved. This harsh reality will sink in eventually. It has to.
And those responsible for pushing the Covid-will-kill-us-all narrative have to be exposed eventually; I think it will happen before the end of the year.

I just watched the movie Mulan and there is a scene in it where the witch says to Mulan, “Your deception weakens your chi.” Our deceptions are registered instantly in the energetic world, within ourselves and also within the entire Universal Organism. Those who have been working so hard to deceive the masses in order to profit from the fear and chaos are weakening themselves daily. This deception is not sustainable and will eventually be exposed. Add to that the fact that sociopaths/narcissists love to brag about their misdeeds and you get more proof of guaranteed exposure. And then add the fact that more and more Light is flooding this planet. Energetic portals of Light have been blasting open since 2020 started. This is why the darkness seems so extreme: You shine a bright light; you get intense shadows.
So, those of us who are awake and who can see clearly, who are losing our minds as this Covid nonsense stretches on and on, our work is to find peace anyway. To rise above. To not engage in Covid conversations with people who are brainwashed. To look for the openings in our own lives, to keep making our bodies and our minds as strong and as healthy as possible, to revel in being able to so easily spot our tribe right now—the ones without muzzles, the ones who's smiles we can see. Our work is to trust in the Divine Plan and to patiently wait for our brothers and sisters who have been indoctrinated into fear-based paradigms, to allow them the time for this softening and awakening. To not hate them. To not argue with them. To not fight them. Our work is to stand tall in our Truth and not follow the Covid protocols unless absolutely necessary (like wear a mesh facemask for ten minutes in a store.)

We are born lovers. We feel our best when we are loving. And our soul knows that we are all one. So when we separate ourselves from the Covidian cult members by creating an us-versus-them mentality, we weaken ourselves energetically. We get mad and depressed and our mind ruminates on the "How can they possibly believe this shit?" question. The solution is to have patience. To understand that the face-maskers/Covid-is-deadly-believers are undergoing an existential crisis. And to know that, yes, these people are not our tribe and that maybe we are not energetically aligned enough to be close friends, but that we can still love and honor them. From afar. Because who wants to spend time with someone who believes a healthy person can kill them by breathing? Just sayin’.

I would also like to briefly mention politics. Our political system is corrupt and needs to change. I think 99% of humanity can see this. So this shit show that is happening now is the dismantling of a failed system. Again, our work is to trust that we are witnessing the destruction of this system and that there are enough of us who are awake and aware and motivated to build a new system, one with enlightened leaders who understand we need diversity to thrive and that we all really do want the same things: healthy bodies; healthy planet; thriving, happy, safe, joy-filled lives.
I envision a group of leaders, not just one. A group of diverse love-based beings coming together to brainstorm and create new systems that support the whole. And I do see this happening in our lifetime. So, again, our work is to vibrate love, and patience, and faith, and trust now. This is how we make the biggest contribution. We are all one. We are all connected. So as we unplug from toxic words (media, conversations) and we turn to what brings us joy, we do our part. And in our joy and peace we have clarity. And in our clarity we are receptive to impulses from the Divine, impulses that show us how to make a bigger difference in the creation of the new, how to use our Unique Gifts to contribute to the whole (even if it’s an impulse like: go on vacation to someplace peaceful for ten days.) Wherever there is peace and love there is tremendous power. Do not underestimate the sovereignty of this.