Grand Awakening

Apr 03, 2020 by Renee Linnell
My Loves,
I haven’t been watching the news, and I haven’t been calling/texting friends, and I’ve basically been in a bubble since I last wrote to you because I understand how powerful our minds are and that we create more of whatever we give our attention to, so I knew the greatest single thing I could do for myself and other humans is to pull my attention completely away from “the virus.” 
But, I made a mistake and called a friend. Who told me about the nerdy guy with the graph and how we are all supposed to stay isolated inside our homes until the end of April because that’s when the nerdy guy says it’s going to be safe to go outside. And I lost it. I hung up with her and couldn’t stop crying. Because I know that our thoughts create our reality, so if everyone believes this guy with the graph then everyone creates a reality where this guy is right, and suddenly this virus and the ensuing chaos sticks around until the guy with graph says it’s gone. I hated humans and I hated humanity and I couldn’t figure out why everyone wants to cling to fear so badly. But, I knew in that state of mind I was way out of alignment and adding to the negative momentum. Plus, I love humans and humanity, and in a state of fear and agitation I cannot hear the whispering of the Divine. 
So I calmed myself and I talked to Source. And I said, “Please God, please tell me what’s really going on here. I have to know.” And this is the response I heard:
Honey, this is so much bigger than an illness and a bunch of freaked out humans and a nerdy guy with a graph. This is the beginning of a Grand Awakening. This is the answer to your call. Imagine how long it would have taken to convince governments to shut down industry world wide, and yet it is done. Without all the traffic and without all the pollution Mother Gaia is cleaning Herself. She is healing. Are you not willing to stay at home for a month in order for Her to heal? All of the structures that do not support the Whole are crumbling, is that not what so many of you called for? All of the souls that no longer wish to be here are transitioning to Non-Physical and those of you remaining are being asked to change. You are being asked to upgrade, to step into your power; because only in your power can you create the abundance that helps take care of the planet and all sentient beings on it. And you are being given the time to do it. This time is Sacred and Magical. Use it well. 

Next came a memory:

I used to think if everyone would stop trying to make the world a better place and stop fighting against things—because we create more of whatever we focus on—and just go home and cook nourishing foods, and spend quality time with loved ones, and read and nap and play in nature, and develop and nurture our own unique gifts, the world and humanity would heal itself. This, my loves, is what is happening right now. It is miraculous.
It’s amazing to me that the grocery stores are on the front lines of this thing and it made me realize, this is the place where each one of us can make the biggest difference towards healing our precious Mother Earth. We can always bring our own reusable bags; we can bring mesh bags for produce and commit to no longer using single-use plastics; we can spend a little more to buy from the companies that are treating the earth, the animals, and their employees with love and respect (organic, sustainable, local, humane; maybe we have to spend a little less on alcohol to pull this off). We can refuse to buy anything that has been genetically modified (seedless fruit means each piece of fruit can no longer produce more fruit, why would we contribute to non-abundance and death of a lineage that supports us?).

We can be kinder in our minds, no longer calling other humans “asshole” or “stupid” or “idiot” with our thoughts, or our words. And we can be kinder, we must be kinder, to ourselves: understanding our body is our most precious gift; we need to love and nuture and appreciate it, not criticize it or wage war against it.

Understand that we can be or do or have anything we can imagine, we simply need to believe we are worthy and let go of fear based, lack based, scarcity based paradigms. Again, we have been given the time to do this. Only in a heightened state of mind, only in a state of peace and calm and gratitude, can we truly be receptive to the messages our Inner Guidance is always whispering; we must find a way to calm our minds in order to hear the calling. And, again, we have been given the time to do this.
Please get out in nature. Feel Mother Earth loving you. Listen to the birds singing to you. Feel the trees emanating love and support and wisdom for you. Notice the wind caressing your skin, holding you. Notice the sun or the rain coating you in life. Notice the bugs, little fairies, that want to buzz around you and show you how magical they are. We are so protected. We are so taken care of. And we are co-creators with the Divine. It is up to us to dream a beautiful future. Worry is just using the power of our thoughts to create a future we dread. We can see where this has gotten us. It really is time to turn the tide. 

As my favorite astrologist Emily Trinkaus recently said:
From my cauldron of transformation to yours.
And with so much love from my heart to yours; with so much joy and excitement about what is being ushered in, right this moment (if you get still you can feel it, if you listen to the birds you can hear it, if you look at the sky you can see it, if you eat a piece of organic fruit you can taste it, and if you smell a flower you can smell it),