Going Against The Norm

May 14, 2020 by Renee Linnell
There are more than seven billion of us and each one of us is unique, which means that each one of us has a different and unique viewpoint, which means that each one of us lives in a different reality. Quantum physics and science is finally catching up with what the mystics, saints, and shamans have been saying for thousands of years: there are billions of realities because our thoughts create our reality. All I can do is speak to my reality, and trust that those who resonate with my message will be empowered and uplifted and those who do not will no longer read my words.
Not one of us is wrong, because those who live in a world where the virus is real and is deadly, do live in a world where it is real and deadly. They are terrified (so their bodies are in fight-or-flight mode) which wrecks havoc on the immune system, floods the body with corisol, and overloads the adrenals; making them weaker and weaker until they do get sick and can die. Plus, this subgroup gets vaccinated yearly for the flu and takes pharmaceudicals, making their immune system even more unable to handle a virus or any other infection. In their fear-based lifestyle they tend to limit exercise; overload on toxic foods, drink, and media; and project their safety needs/desires to outside forces (making them perpetually feel powerless.) 

And those of us who live in a world where Covid is harmless and hyped up really do live in a world where it is harmless and hyped up. We saw the cruiseship/Covid situation in March, whipped out a calculator, did the math, and said, "No big deal, just another flu hyped up by the media" and went back to our lives. We are the ones that do not get vaccinated, do not take pharmaceudicals, seek out alternative healing methods, listen to our bodies, and treat them with love; filling them with fresh organic foods, adequate amounts of sleep, and lots of exercise and time in nature. We underestand the mind/body connection and  carefully curate what goes into our mind. We avoid injesting poisons of all kinds (physical and mental.) We take responsibility for our own health and wellness and because of this we feel unafraid and empowered. We are immune--to the fear and the illness. 

So, I think all we can do is keep holding true to the reality that serves us the best and to our own deepest Truths. I guess I’m just asking each one of you to really examine your own Truths. And then once you know them, honor them. And if they do not empower you and bring you joy and peace, spend some time seeking other information. That’s all.
In the movie “Hacksaw Ridge,” Hal says, “You should never attack someone’s conviction, because the conviction is the person, it is his reason for living.” My conviction is that we are safe, that our body heals itself, that one day of freedom and truly living is more important to me than my “supposed” safety. This does not have to be anyone else’s conviction. I just realize part of my Life’s Purpose is to offer a different viewpoint than mainstream views, so I am following that calling. And, I encourage you to do the same, even if your calling completely opposes mine. 

Here is a wonderful video by JP Spears on saying Yes! to what makes you different. I hope you enjoy it.