Death is Not Random

Jul 29, 2020 by Renee Linnell
We don’t just die for no reason. Death doesn’t just come for us randomly. We die when we have either fulfilled our Purpose here on earth and are ready to move on, or when we have decided we no longer wish to be here and we want to return Home. Either way, death is a transition to something even better.

So many people fear death, to the point that they never truly live life. So many people keep their lives small, so that they can feel in control. Right now we are seeing people trying with desperation to control the uncontrollable: exposure to a virus. With their facemasks and gloves and six feet of distance. I can’t imagine living this way. I can’t image not trusting the Divine. I can’t imagine thinking that sickness and death just come for us randomly, with no rhyme or reason.

Illness is also not random. Our Soul has to want it. Our body has to have stored negative emotion for years. We have to be so shut off from the Flow of Life that illness comes along to wake us up. It comes to help us. Minor illness appears to show us we need to make adjustments in our lives: sleep more, exercise more, eat better, think more positively, change jobs or relationships. Radical illness comes to either shift us into a Grand Awakening or transition us to Non-Physical because we, on a Soul level, no longer want to be here on earth in this body. Again, it is not random. We are not victims.
I’m not sure why it is taking so long for humanity to see that Covid is not a killer to the masses. I’m not sure why so many of them are allowing so many of their freedoms to be stripped away in the name of “protection,” but I am sure that humanity is going through the same crucible I went through when I got brainwashed in the cult. I understand how brainwashing works and I’m watching it happen now, to humans at large. First, you believe an untruth. The virus is deadly. Then you believe a guru (in this case the media, CDC, experts, and politicians) can keep you safe. And then you do whatever they say. Thought control experts call this “a closed circuit of logic” meaning all the suggestions to keep you safe kind of make sense. And, once you have bought into this one belief (the virus will kill you) you ignore all information that shows it to be untrue. No one can talk you out of it. You must awaken on your own. 

So, I get what is happening. And I am trying to be patient. When I came out the other side I realized that just being me, just living a simple life, and just trusting my own Inner Guidance (no longer allowing others to tell me who I am or what to believe) felt like Nirvana. Just being alive in this body was enough, everything else was bonus. I am hoping this is what humans will learn from all of this. When we have gotten to the point of allowing laws to mandate wearing something that hampers our ability to breathe, in the guise of keeping us safe, I believe we have reached a tipping point. I pray we tip soon. 

Photo Credit: In Her Image Photo