Blessed 2020

Dec 30, 2020 by Renee Linnell
I woke up this morning to the full moon setting behind a snow-covered mountain and I couldn’t help but feel the Magic surrounding all of us.
Everyone is so ready to say goodbye to 2020, but I feel like we need to take a moment to bow in reverence and gratitude to it.
2021 will bring welcome change if we change. 2020 softened us. It showed us where we were stuck. It highlighted relationships and ways of being that we have outgrown. It taught us how to simplify our lives and find joy in the little daily acts of living. 2020 put family and loved ones in the spotlight. It forced us to either stay home with each other or stay home alone, strengthening relationships with family and self. The great Mystic Rumi said, “If you knew Eternity was talking to you, would you get quiet enough to listen?” 2020 forced us to slow down and to listen.
2021 will be Magical if we make it so. It is up to us to shift the energy. Where can we let go of habits that keep us playing small? What behaviors can we let go of that keep us not engaged in the present moment? Where have we built walls of protection to keep us safe that we no longer need? What beliefs do we hold that are outdated, that keep us separate from our brothers and sisters, that could be softened just a little? Where could we let go of fear and turn to faith? Where is there space for us to say quietly, “I don’t know . . .”? 

Can we entertain the idea that the Creator who made us made our bodies to heal on their own when we treat them with love, admiration, and kindness? Can we entertain the idea that the Forces that keep the earth spinning on its axis and the seasons following each other may actually have a better idea than we do of what is most aligned in our lives and what is not; making us a bit more willing to trust what is being removed from our lives and what is showing up in the spaces? Can we play, for a moment, with the idea that we are here for such a short time and that we can leave at any moment we want, so why not go for the Wild Ride as it unfolds, rather than raging against each moment we don't love, condemning it as "wrong," and waiting for it to be over? Can we instead choose to live each precious moment that passes so quickly?
We have changed. We are different. And it is up to us now to create lives that fit this softer, fuller, kinder, more expanded, less-rigid, less self-righteous, more inquisitive version. The astrology and the energetic shifts support this. We will be shown how to upgrade if we slow down enough to listen. 
I love 2020 because it showed me, clearly, where I had to unwind my mind in order to be at peace with world events. It highlighted relationships that don’t really fit me and it brought in new relationships that do. It helped me realize more than anything else: I just want to be kind, and peaceful, and grateful. I don’t want to fight with the world. There will always be things going on “out there” that upset and infuriate me; I no longer want to push against them; I simply want to be kind, and peaceful, and grateful.
I am sure you have had similar insights. And I gently suggest you take a few moments today or tomorrow to bow in gratitude for the ways 2020 has shifted you. Endings are so important: they set the stage for what is to begin. I always try to wrap my endings in love and gratitude for the lessons learned. You will feel your heart smile if you do the same.

And once you feel your heart smile, take a few moments to daydream a future more Magical than you have ever dared to dream. We have the energy that creates worlds running through us. We are meant to live in joy. Each one of us deserves to live a life we truly love. If there was ever a time to upgrade, 2021 is it. Dream away!